Waiver Form

click below (on the blue) for a downloadable PDF printable form one for you and photocopy as many as you need for your friends (rem:  under 16 requires your parent or legal guardians signature not the taxi driver, aunt, or bootlegger friend)

reaverswaiver (PDF)



Applicant name __________________Address____________________________

Telephone________________________ City ___________________ Province________Email(optional)_________________________

I, the undersigned wish to participate in the activities offered by this playing field and agree to the following:

I understand that:

1.That the activities are physically and mentally intense, are inherently dangerous and may require extreme exertion and that the possibility of injury to myself and others does exist.

2.The activities can be dangerous if not played by myself or others in accordance with stated rules which I have read, understand and willingly abide by.

I confirm and agree that:

1.I am fully aware of the risks and that I am physically and mentally able to be fully involved in these activities and that I will comply with all rules, regulations and the full and complete use of all equipment so as not to injure of hurt myself or other participants.


I hereby release, remise and forever discharge from any and all claims and liabilities whatsoever, without limitation, that I might have against Reavers Paintball Ltd and agree to indemnify them against any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses (including lawyer fees and expenses, damages and liabilities arising out of, connected with, or resulting from my participating in paintball games, including without limitation, those resulting from the manufacture, selection, delivery, possession, use, or operation of such equipment. I hereby release Reavers Paintball Ltd from any and all such liability, and I understand that this release shall be binding upon my estate, my heirs, my representatives and assigns. I hereby certify to the Sponsors and Property Owners that I am in good health and do not suffer from a heart condition or other ailment which could be exacerbated by the exertion involved in participating in the hereinbefore described activity.

Assumption of Risk:

This is fully intended to be a legally binding contract. If I have any doubts concerning any aspect of its contents, I will consult a lawyer before signing it.

I state that I am at least 16 years of age and in good health, and intend to be bound by this agreement.

Applicant Signature: ____________________________Date___________________


If you are under 16, please have this agreement signed by your parent or guardian.

Guardian’s agreement: my signature below indicates that I consent to the participation of ________________________________(name of child), In the above described games. Guardian’s Signature _________________________ Address _________

Guardian’s Name (Please print): _________________ City______________________________Guardian’s Relationship: ___________________ Province ______Telephone ______________

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